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Spread the word about Offsite Construction Expo 2016 by downloading any of the following banners to announce your participation in the offsite industry's most important event.

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For questions about the banners above, please contact the Graphic Design Manager at chandl@hardimanwilliams.com.
For more information about Offsite Construction Expo, please contact us at info@hardimanwilliams.com or call 434-202-8180 x154.




About Event

The Offsite Construction Expo is being held at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center in downtown Washington, DC and will feature exhibits from offsite construction contractors, traditional contractors that have integrated offsite methods, offsite factories, transportation companies, architects, engineers, BIM suppliers, materials suppliers, and consultants of all types of offsite construction processes. Additionally, eight case studies will be presented on the hour on the expo floor.

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