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How Vancouver is Addressing Affordable Housing with Modular Construction

Joe Kiss, Horizon North Logistics Inc.
Luke Harrison, Vancouver Affordable Housing Agency

Horizon North Logistics recently completed the Vancouver Affordable Housing Agency's first 40-unit modular housing project, located in the heart of downtown Vancouver. Using cutting-edge foundation systems and design, Horizon North produced a structure that can be relocated and reconfigured. Join Joe Kiss, Senior Vice President Modular Solutions at Horizon North Logistics, and Luke Harrison, Director and Chief Executive Officer of the Vancouver Affordable Housing Agency, as they discuss this unique and innovative project as well as the current status of the VAHA’s program of constructing 600 units of affordable housing using modular construction.

To Stack or Not to Stack

Andy Berube & Matt Hallaran, Stack Modular Structures

Modular construction is not a perfect solution to every project, but when there is a match, the benefits can be significant. Join executives from Stack Modular Structures as they discuss the winning (steel) modular project profile, the path to success in the modular pre-construction phase, and the importance of GC integration when executing a high rise modular project.

Bigger, Stronger, Faster... The Lessons of Large Modular Mid-Rise Wood Buildings

Craig Mitchell & Tom Faliszewski, Metric Modular

As the attraction of modular construction grows, modular structures are getting taller, are incorporating a higher level of architectural design, and are presenting new levels of complexity that modular builders, contractors, and consultants need to consider when working on a project. The additional challenges modular builders face when completing taller wood structures include seismic considerations, structural elements, elevators and multi-story inter-connections of modules. Additionally, obtaining Municipal approvals could present more challenges as inspectors may not understand all the intricacies of how a modular project goes together.

In this session, Metric Modular will share their experiences of how a pro-active and collaborative approach is required to pre-plan all the stages of the project, and to successfully work with regulators to obtain all the necessary approvals to complete the project.

Automated Prefabrication: From Start-up to Delivery

Mike Schmidt, Auto Construct Incorporated
Alfred Porsche, SEMA GmbH

Mike Schmidt and Alfred Porsche are pleased to present and discuss the critical aspects to be considered when starting an automated, prefabrication manufacturing operation. From design-for-manufacturing and building information modeling to standardization and lean principles, they will explain and help prioritize key fundamental disciplines. Included is also discussion on business strategy, return on investment, and the point of diminishing returns for capital investment. The presenters will also draw upon knowledge gained through a European prefabrication benchmarking tour they organized in March of this year, having visited residential and commercial builders, panel manufacturers, machine builders, and software providers in Germany and Switzerland.

Off-Site Construction Project Profile: Assisted Living Facility

Allen Gordon, Superior Building Systems
Chris Cole, Action Pact Design

Permanent off-site modular construction provided the perfect solution for architect and GC Chris Cole of Action Pact Design to meet an ambitious schedule on a new assisted living project, especially in a booming region where there is a shortage of contractors and skilled trades. Join Chris as well as Allen Gordon of Superior Building Systems as they share how mindful design collaboration, attention to detail, and sensitivity needed towards items such as mobility, convenience, and sustainability were incorporated and are key components to the successful delivery of this complex project.

A New Era for Modular Design and Construction

Michael Kulchisky, FMI Corporation

While offsite construction—including prefabrication, modularization, preassembly, and offsite multi-trade fabrication—has been around for decades, it is emerging as a critical method for delivering projects faster, safer, and cheaper in today’s labor-constrained E&C environment. In fact, according to one of FMI’s recent industry studies, two-thirds of E&C owner organizations acknowledge that today’s offsite construction environment is much different than it was just three years ago—a shift that’s due mainly to labor shortages and increasing cost and schedule pressures. In this session, Mike Kulchisky from FMI Corporation will explore the “perfect storm” of factors that are suppressing productivity levels, show how they’re impacting E&C as a whole, and provide a framework for overcoming these issues through the use of modular construction and other innovative techniques.



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