2017 Case Study Presentation Topics



Safe Use of Modified Shipping Containers

October 26 at 9:00am

Speaker: Tom Hardiman, CAE, Modular Building Institute

Are modified shipping containers safe to use? That’s the question so many contractors, owners, architects, and suppliers are asking now. The answer is, “It depends.” There is currently no language in the International Building Code or International Residential Code to address the use of modified ISO shipping containers as buildings or building modules. And the myriad of state regulations are literally taking shape now. MBI executive and government affairs director Tom Hardiman will discuss industry efforts to develop compliance paths, updates on various state rules and regulations, and what’s next for containers.


Precast Concrete Structural and Envelope System Solutions

October 26 at 9:40am

Speaker: Rita Seraderian, Precast/Prestressed Concrete Institute Northeast & Tom Holmes, Precast Prestressed Concrete Institute Mid-Atlantic

A recent NIBS survey on offsite construction found precast concrete structural components were the most often used element of off-site construction in the previous year. Precast concrete is used in a variety of building types for both structural and building envelope components. Produced in regional plants under national certification standards, precast construction offers architects a great deal of aesthetic diversity and reduced liability, and offers CMs and GCs schedule and budget reliability. Its durability, multi-hazard protection capabilities, energy-efficiency, and resilient properties make it an effective solution for commercial, multi-family, and industrial projects. This presentation will provide an overview of the most common systems of precast concrete products, cover basic design criteria and capabilities, and explore three case studies showing how precast was used to solve diverse design and construction challenges.


Innovative Modular Construction for High Rise Buildings

October 26 at 10:20am

Speaker: Roger Krulak, Full Stack Modular

Offsite construction methods have once again awed the world, this time by building the tallest volumetric modular building ever at 32 stories. With over 25 years in the construction industry, Roger Krulak has extensive experience on both the construction and development sides of real estate. Prior to starting FC Modular within Forest City Ratner Companies, he spent 12 years at FCRC as SVP of Mixed Use and Residential Development entitling and planning over 1,000 residential apartment units integrated into many of FCRC’s retail projects. Roger is also the recipient of a Popular Mechanics Breakthrough Award for his work on the creation of a high-rise modular process.


Getting the Most out of Offsite Construction: Implementation Strategies & Guidelines

October 26 at 1:00pm

Speaker: Laurie Robert, LEED AP, NRB, Inc.

Building off-site vs. on-site requires different thinking as well as understanding of how both the approach and process can make a difference in the level of a project’s success. This session draws on the experience of industry experts that explore what it takes to choreograph and execute a more effective permanent modular construction (PMC) project, from the significance of early engagement to the end goal of early occupancy. Pre-construction begins with a holistic view of the permanent modular construction industry today, followed by a look at some of the strategies and best practices needed to launch a successful project for all stakeholders. Topics include modular design development and integration; the decision making process; the significance of the “module;” ideal project delivery methods and contract variables as well as roles, responsibilities and scope of work delineation—all at the pre-bid or pre-construction phase. Project execution delves more explicitly into the means and methods, as well as stakeholder scopes of work needed to execute the strategies throughout the building construction off-site and on. These strategies include final drawing submittal and approval, zoning and permitting, process, scheduling, fabrication, quality assurance, health and safety, site development, delivery, set, finish, and commissioning of a project ready for occupancy.


Embracing Modular Building in Hotel Construction to Achieve Speed and Quality

October 26 at 1:40pm

Speaker: Karim Khalifa, Marriott Hotels

Marriott Hotels continue to inspire and provide a balanced life on the road for discerning business and leisure travelers, offering sophisticated yet functional guestroom designs that facilitate work and play. As senior vice president of design and project management, Karim Khalifa is responsible for Marriott’s architecture and construction division. He will discuss how Marriott is using modular construction on a global basis to achieve speed, cost control, and quality to market, as well as ultimately create incredible experiences for their guests.


The Crate & Barrel Project Delivery Model

October 26 at 2:20pm

Speaker: John Moebes, AIA NCARB, Crate & Barrel

With over 150 custom-designed stores in almost every major North American market, Crate & Barrel has embraced integrated project delivery, building information modeling, lean project delivery, and resource management. Close partnerships with contractors and manufacturers has enabled John Moebes, AIA NCARB, and his in-house design team to consistently meet narrow deadlines. This presentation highlights many of the successes and challenges Crate & Barrel has encountered along the way. John will share how digital design technologies combined with prefab construction techniques are delivering stakeholder value and project success.


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The Offsite Construction Expo will feature exhibits from offsite construction contractors, traditional contractors that have integrated offsite methods, offsite factories, transportation companies, architects, engineers, BIM suppliers, materials suppliers, and consultants of all types of offsite construction processes. Additionally, case studies will be presented on the hour on the expo floor.

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